12 & Under Tie-Down Last Chance Qualifier

It was all about Cash Friesenhahn in the Hooey Jr. Patriot 12 & Under Last Chance Qualifier Tie-Down roping, where he won both go-rounds with times of 13.52 and 12.06 seconds and skated through the short go for a total of $1,701 in earnings.  

For the 12-year-old from San Antonio, the domination was the results of hours spent in the practice pen at home.  

“I work at this every day,” Friesenhahn said. “Going against some of the best here, you have to practice a lot and be ready. Say you rope five days a week…. The other person could be roping six days a week. You’ve got to have a committed mindset. Tiedown is a very complex rodeo event and there are a lot of objectives—between the horse, yourself and your calf.”