15 & Under Goats/Semifinals

Colee Cox proved her prowess as both a breakaway roper and goat tyer all week long at the Hooey Junior Patriot, and she added another win to her pile in the 15 & Under Hooey Junior Patriot Semifinals goat tying in 2024. 

The Tell, Texas, native cracked out with a 6.46-second run on the 100-foot score in Round 1, worth the $1500 round victory. She returned in Round 2 and completed her run in 6.19 seconds, worth another $1,500 win.  

“I haven’t been practicing much recently because I’ve been hurt,” Cox said, explaining that she injured her knee just a few months before The Hooey Junior Patriot. The young cowgirl is awaiting a knee surgery in 2024, but never let her injury slow her down throughout the competition.