Bubba Buckaloo, Kingston, Oklahoma and Little Michael Calmelat, Marana, Arizona, were 31.92 seconds on five steers to top the star-studded field on Monday, March 4, 2024. 


Last year was our first time to ever rope together, and we won the fast time in the short round,” Buckaloo, 35, said. “I think this is our fourth time to rope. We should have won, and just had some bad luck, so finally we put it together and won this one. 



1. Bubba Buckaloo & Michael Calmelat                   32.91 on 5              $27,400

2. Kaleb Driggers & Welsey Thorp                            32.28 on 5              $20,550

3. JR Dees & Coleby Payne                                        32.36 on 5             $13, 700

4. Luke Brown & Cade Passig                                    32.40 on 5             $6,850

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Pedro Egurrola & Cory Petska                                             4.60               $1,500                          


Jason Richey and Coleby Payne were 30.52 seconds on five steers to bag the $16,450 win Monday, March 4, 2024, in Fort Worth. Richey’s plan all day was just to do his job on the head side. 


I figured if I was able to score, catch the horns, face my horse, then I’d win something,” Richey said with a laugh. I’m not a reacher, so I just tried to get close and catch them. My horse was getting a little strong, so we could have probably been a little faster because Coleby would have to take another hop just to put the steer clean up. 



1. Jason Richey & Coleby Payne                                     30.52 on 4             $16,450

2. Colton Brittain & Saul Porras                                     30.82 on 4             $12,340

3. Peyton Walters & Cade Sandstrom.                            32.71 on 4              $8,220

4. Levi Walter & JD Holland                                           38.13 on 4               $4,110

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Lane Goebel & Gus Mosely                                                       6.08               $1,600

Charles Henry and Justin Davis won The Patriot #13.5 21 & Up Monday, March 4, 2024, for $12,800 and saddles, kicking off a week of events for the two family men. 


Both Henry and Davis have their families with them in Fort Worth, all competing throughout the week. 


“A great way to start a winning streak this week,” said Davis, an NFR header from Normangee, Texas. “The boy’s got it the rest of the week. It all just goes back in the pot.” 



1. Charles Henry & Justin Davis                                     34.41 on 4             $12,800

2. Jayme Marcrum & Cooper Vandiver                           30.82 on 4             $12,340

3. Loni Pearce & TyDaniel Haller                                    32.71 on 4              $8,220

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

TJ Good & Garrett McQueen                                                   8.01               $1,600


Michael Angell and Clint Crawford might spend more time in the firehouse than the roping pen, but you couldn’t tell as they clinched The Patriot Fort Worth #12.5 All Ages Monday, March 4, 2024. 


Angell, a fire captain in Terrell, Texas, and Crawford, a captain in Lancaster, Texas, roped four steers in 32.05 seconds for the $17,180 win. For Crawford, the big win comes after a nearly 15-year hiatus from roping, mainly due to his kids getting involved in their own sports. Now that they’re grown up, he’s back to roping. 


Now they’re 18 and 16, and my 16yearold started roping the dummy a little bit,” Crawford said. So, I started messing around with it and then I bought a new horse, a trailer. I’m ready to go now. 



1. Michael Angell & Clint Crawford                               32.05 on 4             $17,180

2. Cort Peterson & Haze Bruce                                      36.35 on 4             $12,280

3. Connor Hanna & Trent Tatom                                    37.32 on 4              $9,320

4. B Rad Lands & Trent Tatom                                       37.46 on 4              $6,880

5. JJ Goodson & Buck Garza                                           37.88 on 4              $3,420

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

JJ Goodson & Jason Goodson                                                   6.85               $1,000

Dane Reed and Dalton Titsworth picked up a pretty paycheck and Trent Ward saddles for their win in The Patriot #12.5 21 & Up Tuesday, March 5, 2024, but not on the ends they usually rope on. 


Reed, a 26-year-old from Paris, Texas, is actually a heeler and 29-year-old Titsworth from Ravenna, Texas, a header. But for the $15,120 win in Fort Worth, they decided it was worth it to swap ends. 


“We’re just addicted to team roping,” Reed said. “Got a wild hair and wanted to rope. We’d rather come here and rope than go to work.” 


1. Dane Reed & Dalton Titsworth                                 32.17 on 4             $15,120

2. Joshua Bray & Marty Nicholson                                 33.49 on 4             $9,070

3. Daniel Pennell & Tee Woolman                                 35.69 on 4              $6,050

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Logan Sifford & Kole Roberts                                                   7.47               $1,600

Chris Bradford and Todd Jaggers were 32.89 on four steers to take home $10,540 and Gist Silversmith buckles Tuesday, March 5, 2024. Jaggers, of Mount Vernon, Texas, jokes the John Justin Arena should be named after Bradford one day because of his success there. Bradford—who currently wears the buckle for the 2021 Patriot #12.5 roping—admits the setup fits him well. 

“I’ve been here five times, and I don’t think I’ve ever left without something,” said Bradford, 47, of Kountze, Texas. It’s been good for me. This arena in general, I usually have some success at the US Finals. It’s a good setup for me.” 


1. Chris Bradford & Todd Jaggers                                  32.89 on 4             $10,540

2. Cody Gilreath & David Miller                                    34.18 on 4             $7,900

3. Daniel Pennell & Jud Jackson                                    34.28 on 4             $5,280

4. Mel Smith & George McQuain                                   36.95 on 4             $2,640

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

York Gill & George McQuain                                                  7.00               $1,000


What Ace Ashford and Ryder Davis lack in age they make up for in talent, and the 18-year-old and 13-year-old proved that winning The Patriot Fort Worth #11.5 All Age Tuesday, March 5, 2024. 


Texas cowboys Ashford and Davis were high call back and roped four steers in 30.04 seconds for buckles and $21,930. Davis just watched his dad, NFR header Justin, win the #13.5 21 & Up the day before, and he couldn’t contain his excitement after sealing the deal in the short round. 


“I threw my hat,” Davis said with a smile. I threw that thing up in the air. It was high.” 


1. Ace Ashford & Ryder Davis                                        30.04 on 4             $21,930

2. Jacob Stansbury & Cash Cockrum                              30.83 on 4             $15,280

3. Case Logston & Brant Cookston                                 33.71 on 4             $11,300

4. Alfonso Macias & Alejandro Onate                             34.51 on 4              $7,970

5. Westin Barnett & Adam Brown                                   35.74 on 4             $5,980

6. Cayden Harmon & Brogan Rankin                               36.50 on 4             $3,980

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Paisley Foegelle & Cade Sandstrom                                       9.54               $1,000

Alfonso Macias and Alfonso Gonzalez finally hit the winner’s circle together with The Patriot Fort Worth #11.5 21 & Up win Wednesday, March 6, 2024. 


Macias and Gonzalez originally met through team roping and have roped on and off over the last three or four years, just waiting for their big break as a team. 


“We’ve been roping together for a little while, and we never really hit any thing,” Gonzalez, 43, said. “But I told him, ‘One of these days we’re going to hit something.’” 


1. Alfonso Macias & Alfonso Gonzalez                          39.16 on 4             $16,320

2. Kevin Poteete & Adam Brown                                    40.78 on 4             $9,800

3. Jason Harris & Billy Vaught                                        44.83 on 4              $6,520

Short Go Fast Time:

Alfonso Macias & Alfonso Gonzalez                                          8.26               $1,600

Benny Tamez and Colton Thomas won The Patriot Fort Worth #11.5 Legends Wednesday, March 6, 2024, a win that has big meaning for both men. 


For Tamez, a Cypress, Texas, resident, it marks the end of a slump and the first roping he’s won inside the John Justin Arena in nearly 24 years. 


It’s great,” Tamez, 54, said. “It felt great. I needed that because I was in a slump. 


Thomas, on the other hand, first picked back up a rope a year ago after an 11-year hiatus. The Anderson, Texas, man is an oil and gas executive and was living oversees since 2012 until last year. Thomas has been roping as much as he can since his return to the States. 


I was out of the country for 11 years, I just got back about a year ago,” Thomas, 42, said. “I was living overseas, so I haven’t seen him in a long time. I ran into him the other day, and we’re like, we need to rope. So, we entered today. 


1. Benny Tamez & Colton Thomas                                32.34 on 4             $15,760

2. Jason Harris & Waylon Carver                                   33.23 on 4             $11,820

3. Ron Burns & Chris Lamance                                      38.81 on 4             $7,880

4. Jason Hughes & Guy Norris                                        39.62 on 4             $3,940

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Aaron Brisbane & Bob Loosenort                                           7.00               $1,000

Jacob Stansbury and Cash Cockrum had no intentions of roping together in The Patriot Fort Worth #10.5 All Ages, but after taking home the win for $22,600, they’re sure glad they did. 


Cockrum, a Richmond, Texas, kid, had a partner fall through the morning of the roping, so Stansbury stepped in. The pair of 15-year-olds roped four steers in 29.81 seconds for the big win, just a day after finishing second in the #11.5 All Ages. 


“It was better than Tuesday,” Stansbury, of Santa Fe, Texas, said. “We were just having fun. We were a little bit nervous [in the 11] but not as bad today. 


1. Jacob Stansbury & Cash Cockrum                              29.81 on 4             $22,660

2. Kali Brunson & Levi Sasser                                        31.06 on 4             $15,800

3. Jace Davis & Jade Phillipp                                          33.34 on 4             $11,680

4. Ryan Morrow & Gilberto Porras                                  34.87 on 4              $8,240

5. Saul Porras & Trevor Thompson                                  35.49 on 4             $6,180

6. Colton Clayton & Cash Cockrum                                 36.26 on 4             $4,120

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Sage Burress & Hayes Burress                                                  11.91               $1,000

Abel and Kolton Sena made the trip to Fort Worth from Crane, Texas, for just one roping, and it paid off as they took home The Patriot Fort Worth #10.5 21 & Up win Thursday, March 7, 2024. 


The father-son team roped four steers in 40.96 seconds for $16,420 and Trent Ward saddles. For dad, Abel, a win with his son means more than money ever could. 


“It’s one of those deals where there’s no words to explain it,” Abel, 55, said. “Money aside, it’s for bubblegum when you’re with your kid. It’s priceless.” 



1. Abel Sena &  Kolton Sena                                        40.96 on 4             $16,420

2. Mike Carrell & David Tom McClure                           45.74 on 4             $10,940

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

James Southerland & Coy Mills                              12.04              $1,600

Billy Vaught and Tell Evans cashed in in The Patriot Fort Worth #10.5 Legends with a 30.35 on four steers, but Evans wasn’t originally planning on making the trip to Fort Worth. 


Vaught was entered deep over the first few days of the event, and when his original heeler couldn’t rope, he called Evans. 


My partner, his back’s hurt and I called [Evans] and told him to come down and fill in,” Vaught, 59, said. “He was not entered in this roping, but we entered yesterday. 


1. Billy Vaught & Tell Evans                                          30.35 on 4             $16,080

2. Johnny Jones & Keith Williamson                              37.45 on 4             $12,060

3. Jeremy Evans & Alan Chappell                                  37.90 on 4             $8,040

4. Lance Mudd & Homer Coleman                                 39.13 on 4             $4,020

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:


Greg Woodard & Alan Chappell                                           6.68               $1,000


The reigning WPRA World Champions Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl were 34.57 seconds on four steers to win The Patriot Fort Worth Ladies Open, a roping stacked with wolfy women. 


Icons like Lari Dee Guy, Beverly Robbins, Whitney DeSalvo, Jessy Remsburg and Martha and Sarah Angelone, to name a few, threw their names in the hat as well, making for a morning of head-turning events Thursday, March 7, 2024. 


It’s always outstanding to go up against that group of girls,” said four-time WPRA World Champion Stahl. “We’re blessed enough to be here to do it, and the blessings at the entry office when you show up and you have the horse and the money and the ability. God was with us all the way here through all of everything we went through this morning to get here. It’s a blessing to be here.” 


Crawford and Stahl got the job done with a 9.22 in Round 1, 8.45 in Round 2, 9.19 in Round 3 and 7.71 in the short round to pocket $6,050.



1. Jackie Crawford & Annette Stahl                               34.57 on 4             $6,050

2. Jackie Crawford & Whitney DeSalvo                         35.38 on 4             $4,330

3. Hope Thompson & Kennlee Tate                              37.73 on 4             $3,290

4. Kayelen Helton & Lorraine Moreno                          38.02 on 4             $2,420

5. Beverly Robbins & Lorraine Moreno                          39.79 on 4             $1,210


1. Hope Thompson & Kennel Tate                                 29.60 on 3             $2,000

2. Tracey Nelson & Martha Angelone                            36.16 on 3              $1,200

3. Cassidy Boggs & Wylie Jo Hodges                             38.58 on 3              $800

Short Go Fast Time:


Cassidy Boggs & Wylie Jo Hodges                                          13.55               $500

The Resistol Young Guns Junior Patriot Open Last Chance looked more like a big-time open roping, and Ketch Kelton and Denton Dunning roped their way to the top of the field. 


The best-of-the-best young guns, like Monday’s Open winner Lil Michael Calmelot, went to battle Thursday, March 7, 2024, and the Arizona boys roped four steers in 24.98 for the $16,220 win. 


There’s a lot of kids here that roped really good,” said 18-year-old Dunning of Surprise. Like Little Michael [Calmelat] won the Open the other day. I mean, it’s basically just a regular Open—a mini Open.



1. Ketch Kelton & Denton Dunning                               13.06 on 2             $2,000

2. Ketch Kelton & Little Michael Calmelat                    13.23 on 2             $1,500

3. Hope Thompson & Kennlee Tate                               13.90 on 2             $1,000 


Jesus Leyva and Matt Leavitt had never met before they won the Resistol Young Guns Junior Patriot #10.5 Last Chance Thursday, March 7, 2024. 


The high schoolers from Azie and Pleasonton, Texas, were draw partners and took home the $21,100 win after roping four steers in 30.95 seconds. 


“We’re going to be roping a lot from now on,” Leavitt said with a laugh. 


Leyva and Leavitt have both been to The Patriot before—Leyva just once and Leavitt three times—but this was their first time to cash in. The opportunity to rope for big money brings them back. 


There’s a lot of roping and lots of money,” Leyva said. 


1. Jesus Leyva & Matt Leavitt                                        30.95 on 4             $21,100

2. Drake Boomsma & Tyan Johnson                               32.31 on 4             $14,770

3. Pace Plemons & Chet Fritsch                                      33.92 on 4             $11,250

4. Colby Mazurkiewicz & Kale Roark.                               34.87 on 4              $8,440

5. Delton OSteen & Brock Rouse                                     35.11 on 4             $6,330

6. Jacob Stansbury & Levi Segura                                     41.87 on 4             $4,920

7. Coen Carroll & Bryce Klingeman                                   41.93 on 4            $3,510

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Cade Ward & Hagen Wright                                                  16.78               $2,200


Ketch Kelton and Denton Dunning have remained dominant at The Patriot, winning the Hooey Junior Patriot Open Semifinals Friday, March 8, 2024. 


The 18-year-old Arizona boys were 13.06 on two steers to take home the win for $2,000 and lock in their spot in the Finals. Kelton, the back-to-back Jr. Ironman champion in 2023 and 2024, and Dunning were 5.99 on their short-round steer in the Semifinals to seal the deal from fifth call back. 



1. Ketch Kelton & Denton Dunning                                             $16,220

2. Tyler Tryan & Nicky Northcott                                                  $14,770

3. Walker Smith & Kyler Kanady                                                  $11,250

4. Ketch Kelton & Nicky Northcott                                               $8,440

5. Carson Sonnier & Jayden Cisneros                                           $6,330

6. Ketch Kelton & Little Michael Calmelat                                   $4,920

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Kelby Frizzell & Cross Ringelstein                                              $2,200

Saul Porras and Collin Davis roped two steers in 15.62 seconds to win the Hooey Junior Patriot #10.5 Semifinals for $2,000 and a spot in the Finals.  


Both Midland, Texas, residents, Porras and Davis have roped together for the last three years and were focused on roping smart and doing their job to see where they would end up. They were second high call and sealed the deal with a 7.99 in the short round. 



1. Jesus Leyva & Matt Leavitt                                                     $16,220

2. Drake Boomsma & Tyan Johnson                                            $14,770

3. Pace Plemons & Chet Fritsch                                                  $11,250

4. Colby Mazurkiewicz & Kale Roark                                           $8,440

5. Delton OSteen & Brock Rouse                                                $6,330

6. Jacob Stansbury & Levi Segura                                               $4,920

7. Coen Carroll & Bryce Klingeman                                            $3,510

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:

Cade Ward & Hagen Wright                                              $2,200

Young guns Colton Arrington and Hudson Skinner took home $22,980 for winning The Patriot Fort Worth #9.5 All Ages. 


Arrington and Skinner were 32.52 on four steers for the win. On the head side, 17-year-old Arrington focused on just setting up a good run. 


Just get out good on the barrier,” Arrington, from Kaufman, Texas, said. “Set him up for a good shot. He’s going to heel them. He’ll make up the time. 



1. Colton Arrington & Hudson Skinner                                         $22,980

2. Owen Gillespie & Levi Baker                                                    $16,020

3. Colton Ranly & Jade Philipp                                                      $11,840

4. Tuftin Becker & Bronc Evans                                                     $8,350

5. Bryce Ehlinger & Cash Cockrum                                                $6,270

6. Miles Mueller & Stetson Springs                                               $4,180

Short Go Fast Time Not Placing:


Felipe Ayala & Rene Soto                                             $1,000

Oscar Lares and Alex Jordan weren’t having the week they were hoping for, until they won The Patriot Forth Worth #9.5 21 & Up Friday, March 8, 2024. 


The Odessa and Midland cowboys met three years ago at a roping and practice together once or twice a week. Once they got to Fort Worth for The Patriot, Lares had trouble catching. 


We started roping together on Tuesday and every run on the first steer, he’s missed,” Jordan, 38, said with a laugh. Yesterday, I told him I was going to pack it up and head home. And he said, I thought we were roping in the #9.5 tomorrow morning?’ I said, ‘You know what? I’ll stay. All you got to do, Oscar, is just turn four steers. I promise you, we’ll do something. I can’t guarantee anything, but we’ll give it a try.And here we are, we won.” 



1. Oscar Lares & Alex Jordan                                                       $10,850

2. Connor Hanna & Brad Booth                                                    $7,230

Short Go Fast Time:

Brad Friermood & Logan Sifford                                                 $1,600

Mike Carrell and Robin Bland took home $8,940 and Gist Silversmith buckles for winning The Patriot Fort Worth #9.5 Legends 50+. 


The east Texas cowboys roped four steers in 39.40 for the win Friday, March 8, 2024. 


We drew some really good steers on that bunch,” Carrell, of Gladewater, Texas, said. “He roped every one of them by two feet. 


Carrell and Bland have known each other for 63 years after meeting in junior rodeo. They roped together for nearly 25 years before Bland quit for 10 years because his number got too high. Bland tripped steers while not roping, but four years ago he started back up and they’ve been roping together for the last year or two. 


1. Mike Carrell & Robin Bland                                                       $8,940

2. Todd Suhn & Homer Coleman                                                   $5,360

3. Jack Bruner & Richard Bruner                                                   $3,580

Short Go Fast Time:

Stan Long & Robin Bland                                                              $1,000

Jose Cuellar and Jose Hernandez won The Patriot Fort Worth #8.5 21 & Up for $10,270. 


Cuellar and Hernandez met five years ago and have been entering together ever since. Hernandez, a Anahuac, Texas, native, appreciates Cuellar’s positive attitude. 


“What I like with this guy is his attitude,” Hernandez said. He’s never mad, he’s never frustrated, or if he missed, he’s ok. If I miss, nothing happens, we just go for the next one.” 


His positive attitude came in handy with their win as they were the only team to make the short round, an unideal situation but Cuellar feels lucky regardless. 


It’s what my brother tells me all the time, he said, ‘You’re not good, but you’re lucky,” Cuellar, from Joshua, Texas, said with a laugh. 



1. Jose Cuellar & Jose Hernandez                                                       $10,270

2. Ty Cobb & Cooper Griswell                                                                          $6,850

Todd Suhn and Jeff Johnson paired up Saturday, March 9, 2024, to win The Patriot #8.5 Legends 50+. 


Suhn and Johnson came from fourth call back to take home $11,060 for the win after roping four steers in 42.35 seconds. Johnson, a Weatherford, Texas, native, took off from roping for five years, and while he forgot—to some extent—how it all works, being back in the arena was a great feeling for him. 


“It’s fun to be back in the arena after a period of time,” Johnson said. “I sure missed competing.”  


Suhn spends most of his time in Hermosa, South Dakota, where he’s from, but in the winters he and Johnson are neighbors. Suhn and his family have been wintering in the Lone Star State since 2006. As for the 16-time NFR steer wrestler, he jokes bull dogging may have been easier. 


“It was a lot easier catching them when I just got off,” Suhn said with a laugh. “Less pressure. I never waved it off with my hands ever.” 



1. Todd Suhn & Jeff Johnson                                                             $11,060

2. Brandon Luce & Blane Chapman                                                  $6,640

3. Jack Bruner & Bill Riddle                                                               $4,420

Short Go Fast Time:

Johnny Nixon & JR Caldwell                                                              $1,000

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